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Junk Boys - Clean Up

You have junk taking over your space. You want your space back. We’ll give you your space back. Here’s how it works:

  • You decide you want your junk out of your space.
  • You call us, Junk Boys.
  • You pick a day and time.
  • We drive up (on time) in our nice big trucks and clean uniforms.
  • We take your junk out of your space (yard, garage, attic- wherever).
  • We load it up in our big fancy trucks, and haul it off.
  • We recycle it, donate it, or dispose of it properly.

If it’s not hazardous, and a two-man crew can carry it, we can handle it. Our prices depend on how much you have- check out more pricing details here. We’re environmentally responsible (we promise!) and we can help you both at your home and business.

For Your Home

If it’s in your basement (or backyard, front yard, attic, garage…) and you don’t want it anymore, we’ll take it off your hands. So if it’s in your way and you want it gone, call Junk Boys!

For Your Business

We’ll make you look good- we’re a highly respected junk removal service with a clean image and a professional process. We’re especially useful for realtors, storage units, remodelers, office moves, and property managers. We offer a turnkey, no hassle solution so you can get back to work.

Book today to take the first step in getting organized. Relief is having less junk!

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