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Junk Boys - Clean Up

So What Do You Do Again?

Well, it all starts with your junk. You get tired of looking at it and realize there are truly awesome things you could do with the space it’s currently taking up. Then you shudder at the thought of getting rid of it yourself, and call us instead. You pick a time for us to come get your junk, we show up in our clean trucks and slick uniforms, and haul it all off for you. So, instead of spending all day doing heavy lifting and cursing the day you bought the stupid couch in the first place, you can sit back and relax with a cold one. We advocate laziness- yours.

What Types of Things Do You Remove?

You name it, we probably do it. Here are some of the common ones: Couches, refrigerators, construction waste, storm wreckage, fallen limbs, TV’s, stoves, dishwashers, garage sale leftovers, and boxes of documents. Call us, we take most everything.

How Much Do Your Trucks Hold?

Our trucks hold about 15 cubic yards (which is a lot.). For example, you can easily fit in two couches, one refrigerator, a few boxes, five bags of concrete, ten 2×4s, four TVs, and still have room for that taxidermied deer head you’ve been meaning to get rid of. (It really is time, you know.)

How Long Will it Take?

Our speed depends on how much you have and where it is. That being said, our guys are fast. Often times we’re in and out within 30 minutes. We generally fill up a truck with medium sized items in an hour. So by the time you finish your bacon and eggs you could have another space to park a car in your garage. Or, you could spend your entire Saturday doing it yourself…

Is There Anything You Won’t Take?

We’ll haul off pretty much anything that isn’t hazardous, like chemicals, paint, oil, and asbestos. Also, bed bugs are a hard no. That rugged couch on your front porch? We’ll take it. The really old muddy camping equipment that’s starting to stink up your garage? We’ll take that, too. If it’s taking up your space and you want it gone, we’ll take it.

What Do You Do With All the Junk Once You Take it?

Depending on what kind of junk you give us, we’ll take it to the appropriate place of disposal. If we can recycle it, or donate it, we will. Otherwise, we’ll haul it to the local dump, and let them do their thing. We care about the environment and want to do what’s best for it, so you won’t see us dumping your junk anywhere irresponsible, promise.

What Do You Charge?

We charge based on what kind of mood we’re in… kidding! The price depends on how much junk you have. But we don’t just make up any ole’ amount – we have a scientific method of pricing that we adhere to. Maybe not scientific but… we’re really good at estimating how much space your stuff will take up in one of our trucks, so once we’ve assessed your inventory, we can let you know where you stand on our pricing list. We’ll make sure we agree on a price before moving anything, so no pressure.

Oh, and however you want to pay is fine with us! (Except maybe in pennies, don’t pay us in pennies.) We accept cash, check, and credit cards at the time of service. If you’re an established business, we’d be more than happy to bill you.

What if None of Your Pickup Times Work for Me?

Don’t panic! We know you’re busy with about a million other things- that’s why you called us in the first place, right? (Either that, or you’re taking our advice and just being lazy!) You don’t actually have to be there for us to haul your junk away- as long as we have access to it, that’s all we need. We’ll still give you a ring to make sure we agree on a price before we start, and when you get home, you’ll be amazed at our junk-disappearing trick.

Where Else Do You Pick Up Junk?

To be really specific… we provide junk removal service to the following areas:
Wichita, Derby, Andover, Goddard, Valley Center, Mulvane, Augusta, Kechi, Bel Aire, Newton.

That list is in no specific order. So don’t take it personally. And if we missed your city, it doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t service your area. We may have just overlooked you. Shamefully.

Do You Offer Regular Weekly Trash Service?


Hey, How Do I Get One of Those Coupons?

It’s easy, just book online and we’ll send you one!

How Can I Schedule an Appointment?

That’s easy too. Just go here!

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